"If all lawyers were like Michael" are the words my wife uttered about half way into our naturalization process. Like many, we live a life of two busy corporate careers and the prospect of going through the process on our own was daunting. We didn't know Michael and used Avvo to contact a few lawyers, but his approach sold us pretty quickly. Most importantly, Michael is an expert in the nuanced world of naturalizations. This is not a conveyor belt operation, far from it. Michael studied our cases in depth, brought forward potential concerns (however unlikely they were to actually impede the process) and ensured that we addressed them proactively. He brought years of experience of interacting with Immigration officers to bear on this case, spoke at length about the cases he had and went to great length to ensure that we were properly hedged against any small questions that could delay the cases. To top this off, my case involved a relocation in the middle of the process. Needless to say, Michael's office timely addressed this, but he also dedicated substantial amount of time to actually fly out to my new place of residence to accompany me to the interview. I will only add that this was not in vain, his presence paid off.

Michael's team deserves special praise, in particular Yuliya, who played an essential role for us. Without her this case would have dragged on much longer. Yuliya is where attention to detailed is redefined. Receiving e-mails and calls from Yuliya quite late in the day is not unusual. I suspected that she did this knowing that reaching us after our work-hours would be a lot more efficient rather than sending e-mails and waiting for an answer. But this also meant that she worked late hours for us. Big thanks to her.

Bottom-line here is that Michael with his years of experience in this area, in-depth cases analysis and personal approach and Yuliya with her attention to detail, hard work and sweet natured persistence make this team incredibly effective and efficient at what they do. You might think this type of top notch service comes at major law firm price tag. My answer: it probably should, but it doesn't. Class act, no reservations in recommending.

★★★★★ Review