Neo P.

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Atty. Michael exemplifies the epitome of a true and genuine public servant. He will serve your best interest and will really fight for your legal rights fairly, equally, morally and legally. His righteousness, warmheartedness, compassionate, caring, very thoughtful genuine heart and top with his immigration legal expertise truly sets him apart from all the other immigration lawyers.

He embodies the true spirit of America, a loving, welcoming and caring nation under God, with equality, liberty and justice for all! Atty. Michael and Ms. Yuliya are both very accommodating in every ways even on payments. There are really no words to express my heartfelt appreciation to them for the superb legal services they have provided me. Thank you for handling my case successfully and I will forever be grateful and thankful to you both.

We hope that these top reviews will show and tell the world how satisfied we are with your legal services. I fully agree 100% on all the top reviews on your page as they are really the truth and nothing but the truth! Thank you for helping all of us. Thank you for showing to us what is the true America and what it means to be an American. Thank you for helping me restore my life. Thank you both for being a heaven sent to me and my angel warriors. May God bless you both and your families always. I pray that your firm will be able to help more and more people who are in great need of these immigration legal services. The United States of America is so blessed, lucky and better having you both!

Good Job Atty. Michael and Ms. Yuliya! All the very best and please take care. See you both around.

I know this Google review only accepts 5 stars as the highest however I will give Atty. Michael and Ms. Yuliya 10 stars! This firm is HIGHLY and STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!

Thank you so much.

★★★★★ Review October 13, 2021

-Neo P.